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Gargee Hotel Team

Our team, starting from the senior-most decisional and management hierarchies, has extremely qualified professionals with rich backgrounds. Carefully hand-picked from diverse sectors for their powerful skill sets, our people bring with them insights from hospitality and infrastructure. This gives us a unique positioning – one of deeper guest understanding born of cross-domain experience. We uphold our brand and value the name we have earned in an industry which is both competitive and challenging. We now extend our support to other like-minded and successful hotel owners in the industry.

Why Gargee?

Far from being led by blind ambition, we have painstakingly put together all the essential fundamentals of a successful hospitality enterprise together at a cost structure that is unmatched in the industry. Our leadership comprises of hospitality veterans that have spent years identifying gaps and creating, improving and perfecting systems to hit upon that perfect formula that actually does work!
  • Hotel development
  • Branding, Marketing and Sales
  • Highly Competitive Fees and Higher Return of Investment
  • Assured profitability through lowered costs and quality control
  • Experience in handling a diverse portfolio of business hotels, resorts, apartment hotels, & Institutional Hospitality

Management Contracts

Partner with Us 3, Hotel Gargee Grand, Hotel Near Patna Airport
Partner with Us 4, Hotel Gargee Grand, Hotel Near Patna Airport

A partnership of this magnitude entrusts us with the responsibility of operating your hotel or resort. We will invest our time and expertise that stems from the cross-domain experience, which our team skilfully uses to exploit the latent potential of your existing operating system. This positive reinforcement boosts efficiency and positively impacts the revenue streams delivering industry-level gross operating profits. We can make this a reality because of our adept knowledge, skilled team of professionals and countless years of experience in the industry that enables us to succeed.


Partner with Us 2, Hotel Gargee Grand, Hotel Near Patna Airport
Partner with Us 1, Hotel Gargee Grand, Hotel Near Patna Airport

Elevated brand awareness, greater success quotients, accessibility to our centralized systems all work toward increasing your business. Plugging into our distribution channels gives you a powerful sales thrust. We entrust you with our brand name so that you can capitalize on the value that we have successfully generated for ourselves. The high standards that we have maintained across all our hotels and our look and feel that is synonymous with our brand can be used to your benefit. You gain from the established business processes, streamlined systems and elevated service standards that we mandate. Additionally, in a fee-based model, we can empower you with our knowledge on procurement network efficiencies, human resources development, training and management, quality audits and cost optimization of processes and inventory. We can also advise you on the best technology and technical services for optimum results.