Weekend Getaways Around Patna And Aurangabad

For some, traveling is a passion and for others, it may be a usual business. The city of Patna and Aurangabad in Bihar lulls tourists from all over India. Therefore, the weekend getaways from Patna and Aurangabad can fill up the spirits of those tourists. With some great accommodation options in Patna and Aurangabad, the tourists can explore the history and culture of these destinations.

As the capital city of Bihar, Patna has a rich history of its own and the weekend getaways reflect it fully.

The following are a few of the weekend getaways from Patna:


Among the weekend getaways from Patna, Vaishali is a popular spot to visit. It is a small town known as the place of birth of Lord Mahavir. The place got its name from Vishal, its ruler based on the epic Mahabharata. It is a significant site of pilgrimage of the Jains and thronged by tourists throughout the year. The banana plantations and the rice fields of this small town add to the beauty of this historical town situated about 3 km from Patna.



Rajgir is another spot, which is deeply associated with Jainism and Buddhism. Along with the rich history it harbors, the ethereal beauty of this weekend getaway attracts the shutterbugs and lovers of history and architecture. The remnants of the unique Cyclopean Walls, about 40 km long are still to be seen today. It is situated about 95 km from Patna. We have Hotel in Rajgir near Railway Station where you can stay at any time.



The reputation of painting, weaving and spinning of the district of Madhubani is like god’s abode for art lovers. Apart from this, the district is also famous for archeology and its rich history. Madhubani district is located about 170 km from Patna.



Hazaribagh falls in the state of Jharkhand and is a perfect weekend getaway for nature lovers. The location is home to the magnificent Canary Hills and Hazaribagh National Park and is situated at about 230 km from Patna.



The administrative and the religious center of the Pal Dynasty, Lakhisarai is popular for the Ashok Dham Temple, known for its brilliant architecture. The beautiful sceneries around the location create an intense vibe for the tourists.

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Gaya is a sacred place for the Hindus and the followers of Buddhism. The city represents an amalgamation of cultural and traditional practices. Moreover, it is a place where the Hindu pilgrims offer pind daan at Vishnupad Temple. It is also situated close to the historic city of Bodh Gaya where Lord Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment. Gaya is located about 120 km from Patna.



Nalanda has a reputation all over the world as one of the oldest universities and a center of learning. The architectural grandeur of the university is a sight to cherish. It is situated about 74 km from Patna.



Darbhanga is one of the picturesque destinations in Mithilanchal, which is known for its traditions, folk art and music. The monuments and the religious places of this weekend's getaway are well-known. The distance from Patna is about 127 km.

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Weekend getaways of Aurangabad

Aurangabad is Bihar is home to several sightseeing locations. Whether it is to visit the district for a weekend trip or to host an event, the historical monuments and the pilgrimage centers of Aurangabad attract the tourists. Here are the weekend destinations to visit from Aurangabad.

Amjhar Sharif

The Amjhar Sharif is one of the religious centers of Islam and was created as a grave for a Muslim saint. It is one of those places thronged by visitors on the anniversary of the saint.

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Deo Kund

Deo Kund is situated about 10 km away from Aurangabad and a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The place is a must visit during the festival of Shivaratri.


Umga is another popular weekend getaway about 26 km from Aurangabad and is home to the Vaishnava Temple. The brilliant architecture of the temple is similar in appearance to the temple at Deo.

Pawai, Mali, and Chandangarh

For lovers of archeology, Pawai, Mali, and Chandangarh are places to visit during weekends. The tourists can explore the remnants of archeological treasures from the old forts.

Piru and Siris

Piru or Pritikoota was the birthplace of Banabhatta and the tourists visit the place due to its tranquil surroundings Siris is another location situated at about 14 km from Aurangabad and was a pargana during the rule of the Sher Shah.

Accommodation in Aurangabad

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