Types of Catering Service For your Best event

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Whether you are planning for a wedding event or a conference meet, your guests will be travelling from long distances to be a part of your meet and greet. Therefore, providing them with good food is always the prime aspect to consider. Learning about the Types of Catering Service is important and for that, focusing on About party – celebration is really important.

Good food will lead to great company and, in the end, will make your event a memorable one. So, before you proceed further, make sure to learn more about the types of catering services available for making the upcoming events special. Each one of the catering types will have a different setup for planning, pricing and ordering process. Narrowing down the main choice will not just save money and time but will help you to simplify the menu choices and the type of services you need.

You are most welcome to book the Best wedding venues in Patna, such as Hotel Gargee Grand, and it will help you to receive top-notch quality catering service as a major part. So, no need to look for a separate catering team to the rescue!

Let’s not waste any time further and start learning about the types of catering services.

  1. Corporate catering:

Corporate catering mainly refers to the provision of drinks and food to businesses and corporate functions. It is true that celebration becomes memorable factors and good food plays a major role in that.
  • Here, the corporate event might range from onsite and small office gatherings to the offsite upscale dining experience. The cost of a corporate catering event will depend on the level and size of function as a host.
  • Even though some corporate functions might be an element, almost all of them are relaxed. They serve the chance to bring colleagues together and develop a network.
So, it is vital to hire a catering firm that specialises in providing Corporate Catering and ensure a relaxed atmosphere.


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2. Wedding catering:

Once you have booked the patna wedding hallfrom Hotel Gargee Grand, you don’t have to worry about the wedding catering service at all. It will all come as a complete package. Check variant catering style before you can actually make plans to choose the right menu for the upcoming wedding event.

  • However, unlike the corporate event, Wedding Catering is not a casual affair. It will need significant attention to detail and proper timing alongside clear communication with members of the wedding crew.

  • A seasoned wedding caterer will also learn about the wedding industry inside out and be able to deliver services right on time and within budget, no matter what type of wedding has been planned.

  • It is not just about cooking and serving food, but much more than that. Full-service wedding catering will cover up table arrangements, décor and food presentations.

  • They will further focus on the fantasies and themes and even accommodate food allergies and dietary restrictions before finalising the menu.

Once you have chosen the best wedding hall in Patna, you can opt for their own catering service. Give Hotel Gargee Grand a try! So, you will receive everything under one umbrella and don’t have to look for a catering service separately.

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3. Social event gathering:

These functions are more intimate and will need great attention to detail. Here, the category will cover up special events like retirement celebrations, birthday parties, grand openings, birthday and baby showers, and even housewarming parties.
Here, the chances are high that you will see Buffet Catering most of the time. So, people can now have full control over the type of food they want to get and will fill up their tummy. Within the social event catering packages, you can see appetisers, bartenders, décor, and servers included. Mainly because of their small nature, the social event catering menu is subject to differ from one party to another.
It is because the organisers have to consider the dietary needs of the clients, preferences and allergies and their cultural beliefs before deciding on the final menu and make this event successful.

4. Concession catering:

Here, this category will include some of the major sporting events like live concerts and seasonal competitors. So, here you will see catered food service offered. Planning for such events and their menu will need a lot of skill sets, as the main goal is to select the right menu choices for the invitees. Here, the main intention is not to provide large variations to food items but to focus on the popular food choices and speedy service!

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Depending on the event type:

Now, based on the type of event you are planning to move with, the catering service will differ. So, understanding the event well is very important before you make any final move. Book the best event venue, and the catering service will come with it as a complete package. It is an easy way to get good food and a proper venue at the same time.