Top Five Reasons To Book Gargee Grand Patna For Business Trip

Organizing a business or a corporate event requires a great deal of planning. Although there are various aspects to consider, the venue is the most important thing. Undoubtedly, the venue itself can make or mar the business event. When it comes to offering the Best hotel in patna and accommodation to the guests for a business event in Patna, booking a hotel is the perfect choice. Hotel Gargee Grand Patna is one of those accommodations that allow you to mix business with pleasure.

Features of a hotel for a business trip:

What are the features of a hotel that the business travelers may prefer in Patna? Read the points below to explore.


When it comes to choosing a hotel in Patna, location is one of the Best hotels in Gandhi Maidan patna primary aspects that matter. Therefore, you need to thoroughly explore the city landscape to understand the convenience of the location. You may look for a hotel that is close to the transit point or near the airport and easy to reach the venue of the event. Furthermore, it should be somewhat close to the shopping or entertainment areas.

Hotel Gargee Grand in Patna is situated about 6km from the airport and 2km from the railway station making it the perfect destination for business travelers arriving in the city to attend conferences, business meetings, and short business trips.


Amenities of the hotel

The amenities that a hotel offers can be a significant decision when arranging a business trip. For travelers, the first thing they should focus on is a productive and functional workspace. Therefore, for travelers who are keen to stay productive during a business trip, the hotel should have high-speed internet and Wi-Fi. Hotel Gargee Grand, Patna offers complimentary Wi-Fi to business travelers and allows them to stay connected all the time.


Fitness option

For business travelers moving around frequently, Patna may be the next destination. So, they are never out of schedule when it comes to fitness. For a business trip during the hot and sultry weather, a swimming pool is a unique feature. Apart from this, a fitness center in the hotel premises comes as an added bonus. Hotel Gargee Grand in Patna has both the options to meet the specifications of a business trip.

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Options of dining

No matter how fast-paced is modern life taking business travelers from one location to another, the dining options in the hotel are one of the determining options to consider when choosing a hotel. The wonderful in-house restaurants of Hotel Gargee Grand, Patna ensure that the business travelers never run out of options when fulfilling the gastronomic delights.

With Hotel Gargee Grand in Patna, you will have plenty of reasons to book your stay during a business trip. The hotel is the abode of luxuries, which is perfect for business travelers. Moreover, the proximity of the tourist locations, such as Sri Gandhi Maidan and Sri Patna Sahib, Golghar make it one of the best locations where the travelers can infuse the business with pleasure.


Five reasons to book Hotel Gargee Grand:

For business travelers looking for perfect accommodation in Patna, Hotel Gargee Grand is the place to recharge ad refocus. Here is why!

  • The hotel extends world-class accommodation facilities to customers through an array of options, including Club Deluxe, Premium Deluxe, Club Suite, and Premium Suite.
  • All the rooms in the hotel present the perfect décor, are spacious, include modern amenities, and in-class services that meet the requirements of every business traveler.
  • The hotel has a coffee shop Gandhali offering mouth-watering snacks and beverages and is open 24x7. With a bakery offering a whole lot of baked goodies and the availability of traditional Indian food at Galangal Grill, the rooftop restaurant, the business travelers are never away from the food they prefer.
  • The hotel offers a rooftop swimming pool available for the guests to relax and rejuvenate after a stressful day at work and a fitness center with multiple equipment and amenities for convenience.
  • Hotel Gargee Grand in Patna has a travel desk to guide the tourists and assist them in making travel plans. The business delegates putting up in this hotel and arriving in  Patna with their vehicles can park them safely in the business premises, which can accommodate about 150 vehicles at one time.

Banquets for corporate events:

Hotel Gargee Grand, Patna has banquet halls to assist the business establishments to organize meetings, seminars, and conventions. Here are the options to choose:

  • Galaxy is a hall including Wi-Fi, the latest audio-visual equipment, and accommodate up to 150 guests during corporate events.
  • Ganga is a perfect venue for business events and can accommodate up to 125 guests with all the modern amenities.
  • Gaur is the banquet hall to host exhibitions and conferences and can accommodate up to 80 guests.
  • Gautam has a floor space of about 1400 sq feet and comes with all the modern amenities required for hosting formal business events. It can accommodate up to 125 guests.
  • Ghosti includes all the amenities for hosting business events and is ideal for small corporate get-togethers with a capacity of up to 25 guests.
  • Geet is one of the largest and fully furnished banquet halls that can accommodate about 400 guests.
With so many options of hosting corporate events in Patna, Hotel Gargee Grand offers the best of both worlds. Apart from the facilities already mentioned, the hotel also offers express laundry services. So, business travelers hardly have anything else to ask for when looking or an option to arrange a business trip. The owners of large and small business corporations can arrange their events in the multi-facility banquets inside the hotel premises and put up the guests.

The takeaway

Whether it is the flexibility of travel from the airport or the railway station, moving around in Patna for sightseeing, or enjoying world-class accommodation and food, Hotel Gargee Grand as Top hotel in patna it is one of the best-known places to get business travelers started. The hotel where you stay during a business trip should offer you a secured place where you can relax when it is time to call it a day. Call Hotel Gargee Grand in Patna to know the rates and offers for business trips.