Tips For Hosting The Best Holiday Party

With Christmas just around the corner, followed by New Year, you are super pumped up to host the best holiday party ever! It will be a major event, and you will invite all your friends to have a blast. Due to COVID 19 attack, people have been left with no outside contact for a long time now. But, during this time of celebration, after following all the protocols, you can host the perfect holiday party ever.

Now, learning About the party and making it grand is your responsibility. For that, the first thing you need to consider is to Look for the perfect venue. Once you have Gargee Surya Vihar Hotels & Resorts by your side, you need not have to worry about any other venue to give out a try.

It is going to be a perfect spot whenever you are looking forresorts near Aurangabad. The hotel is open 24 x 7, and you will get the best catering service from the same source as well. But, once you have settled for the venue, now it is time to think about tips to host the best holiday party ever. So, let’s get into details.

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Menu planning is a great call to consider:

Everyone will actually appreciate a varied menu, which will appeal to guests with diverse palates.Catering or family-style – which one should you choose?

  • Always try to prepare some healthy and indulgent options, vegetarian and meaty recipes, and a perfect mix of savoury and sweet bites.
  • To make this holiday party a fun-filled adventure for all, try to keep it organized and add a gluten-free course to the menu as well.
  • Finally, you must remember that bite-sized food is less awkward and will be a great conversation starter for many!

Once you have selected the Best Hotels in Aurangabad, like the Gargee Surya Vihar Hotels & Resorts, you will get some of the varied catering packages to choose from. Go through their menu from the adjacent restaurants and make your pick!

Choose the right colour scheme:

Pick a Color Schemethat will match the value of your event and your style well. There are various accessories to consider like plates, menu signs, cocktail napkins and more. Without a proper colour scheme, you will be overwhelmed with choices.

  • Always pick two major colours, which are contrasting.
  • Pop up a third colour as a complementary one and then focus on the accessories to Decorate the place well.

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Now the menu card:

No one likes to put food in the mouth, which they are completely unaware of. So, take your time in making menu cards for every dish presented so that the guests will know what they are eating.

  • You can try to create them on printable cards as well.
  • It is one good way to call out some of the common allergens like shellfish or peanuts.

Make sure to take your time and Book Best Hotel in Aurangabad Bihar so that you don’t have to worry about the menu cards anymore. Reputed hotels like Gargee Surya Vihar Hotels & Resorts will actually create the menu cards for their dishes even before you ask for them.

Creating some signature cocktails:

If you don’t have festive cocktails, then your holiday party is a serious miss. Yes, you might want to add some of the well-known drinks like LIT, Sex on the Beach and more. But, try to create some signature and yummy cocktail drinks. It will help guests to not just enjoy the party but also remember the drinks they have been offered for a long time.

Not just the drink, but you have to focus on the presentation as well. Dip the rim of the glass into salted caramel before pouring the signature cocktail in it. If the drink looks aesthetically pleasing, half of the work is done then!

Awesome music on the go:

To light up this party, you need to Have Awesome Music. The right music will create the perfect party atmosphere. So, create a playlist full of your favourite holiday songs, which will go with the event type well.

  • In place of purchasing the expensive speakers, you can play the music from your phone and put that in a ceramic bowl to amplify the sound!
  • For that little bit of vintage twist, you can order some vinyl records and spin them on the record player if you have one. It will surely give rise to an authentic holiday feel!

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Create a party to be remembered forever:

Well, the main goal is to create a party, which everyone will remember for a long time to come. There are awesome music, good food and a perfect venue, which will work together to make this party hot and happening for you. Just do your research and choose all the best picks to make this party a soulful one.