The Perfect Kids' Birthday Party

Every kid has one big dream, and that is a massive birthday celebration! Whether your little one has reached just 5 years of age, or you are celebrating your daughter’s sweet 16th birthday, you want to make this day special and memorable for them. So, planning out a perfect birthday party in one Top hotel in Bihar will be a great shot!
Want a big and sprawling space where you can invite many guests to have some fun? Well, don’t worry at all as you have Hotel Gargee Grand to the rescue! Here, you can hold your kid’s most memorable birthday party, which he or she will remember for the rest of her life. But, there are some points to consider making this birthday bash a successful one! So, let’s get on with those details.

What Does Kid Want?

Every kid is different, so their needs in terms of birthday celebrations will change. But, there are some things that remain constant in every birthday party of a little child. Well, try to keep your status at the side for once and let your kid be the party planner he always wanted to be!

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  • Let him decide the party theme he wants to have. Does he love cars or a huge fan of Spiderman? Based on his favorite hero, you can create the perfect theme for the party!
  • Ask him about his friends whom he wants to invite to his birthday bash. Being a responsible parent, you know who he is close to at school. So, invite those little ones with their parents to make this party happen!
  • Add cakes, sweets, candies, and return gifts in the birthday bash to make this party not just memorable for our kid but for all his friends as well!
  • Good food, lighting, music, and dance space in the middle will make this birthday celebration worth remembering!

Young kids and Timings

If you are hosting a birthday for your little boy, you can be pretty sure that other kids are of the same age. You have booked a hotel in Patna city, namely Hotel Gargee Grand, for that amazing birthday party but that’s not all! You need to select proper timing as the young kids need to head back home at night!

A perfect evening time at around 5 to 6 pm will be a great move when it comes to a birthday celebration. So, the kids will have enough time to play and goof around; they have their dinner and head off to their own destinations.

If you are planning to celebrate your kid’s birthday on the weekend or on holiday, then plan for the birthday bash to take place in the afternoon or during lunchtime. So, the kids will have the entire day for them to fool around and will get back home super tired!

Consider grown-up crowd

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Well, a birthday bash is not just for the little ones but for their parents as well. It will work out as a great reunion for the parents and gossip about their lives as well! So, the birthday bash needs to have something for the grown-up crowds as well.

  • How about adding some mocktails to the list along with some food that the grown-ups will enjoy?
  • Plan for a proper seating arrangement where the parents can sit comfortably and have some fun time with one another.
  • There should be some shades and light music for the grown-ups to enjoy in the middle of kid’s jungle parties!

Try not to open gifts until after everyone leaves

Now, your kid is super excited to open up all his gifts the moment he receives them! But, wait till everyone leaves, as that will make your kid more eager and excited to transfer the gifts from the Best hotel in Patna to his place and open up later at night. It will make even a simple pencil box set looks more exciting than usual!

Cake Secret! - Be a Game changer

Well, the cake is the biggest attraction among both kids and parents in a birthday bash! How will it look? What will be the taste of it? So, try to make this cake a complete surprise and a masterpiece of the party as well!

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You can either order a cake shaped like an animal your kid likes or the face of his favorite superhero. Or you can opt for the multi-tier cake, depending on the number of people invited to the birthday bash. The taste needs to be perfect, and the design must be unique so that everyone wants to take a picture of it!

Music always works

A party is seriously incomplete without good music! Once you have booked the Best Banquet Hall in Patna, namely Galaxy from Hotel Gargee Grand, you will always get music for free. You can even choose some of the other banquet halls like Ganga, Gautam, Gaur, Ghosti, Geet, and Ghazal. Each one is decorated in a different style and will come with surround music systems.

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Parties games

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A child’s birthday bash will get to a new height once you have included some of the famous party games in the list. Some of the most common and popular ones are:

  • Pin the Tail
  • Musical Chair
  • Egg and Spoon race
  • Duck Duck Goose
  • Three-legged race, and more

Decorate the children

In order to make your child’s birthday memorable for all the other invited kids, try inviting body painters to the party. They will create some amazing paintings of animals, butterflies, and fairies on the little kids’ faces and arms using kid-friendly paints. Little kids adore such extra benefits in a party!

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Throw a memorable bash

In the end, it is all about throwing a memorable bash to let everyone remember this party for a long time. Most importantly, this birthday bash should make your kids happy and also feel loved at the same time. So, next time you are looking for your kid’s upcoming birthday celebration, try to book a banquet hall at Hotel Gargee Grand right away! The spaces are huge and will accommodate both small and large groups easily!