Rajgir – An Unforgettable Trip With So Many Things To See And Explore

Rajgir is stated to be one ancient city in the northeastern part of Bihar, and this place is known for holding rich historical evidence. This place is perfectly surrounded by hills all over and known mostly for its holy sites. Here, you can explore the remaining of the Cyclopean Walls, which have been circling the entire city for centuries now! Then you have the awesome Venu Vena Park, which was once stated to be the home of a Buddha monastery.

Then you have the shield-like shaped Japanese temple, which has a huge statue of Lord Buddha in it. Other than that, there you have hot springs and natural beauty, surrounding this ancient city in the best way possible.Make sure to Book Best Hotel in Rajgir now if you want to make this stay comfortable and worth remembering.

How to Reach

There are various ways to reach Rajgir, and it solely depends on your current location actually. Road and railway trips are the most important ones among individuals.

  • By Air: The Gaya airport is situated around 68km southwest of this place. It is well connected to Varanasi, Kolkata, and Delhi. Moreover, this airport is well-connected to some of the international destinations like Colombo and Bangkok, Kathmandu, and more. Then you have the Patna Airport, which is situated around 98 km northwest of Rajgir and can connect to maximum Indian cities.

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  • By train: Before you book theHotel in Rajgir near Railway Station. you need to focus on the train lines. Well, Rajgir Railway Station is situated less than 1 km from the town center. Then you have the Gaya railway station, which is the main railhead and located around 60km southwest of this city.

  • By Road: There are multiple state-run and private buses, which connect Rajgir to Gaya, Nalanda, Patna, Bihar Sharif, Pawapuri, and so many other neighboring regions.

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Weather and Best Time

Well, from what has been seen so far, the time frame between October and March is perfect for taking a trip to Rajgir. During this time, the weather seems pleasant, and you have some of the major festivals hosted during this time. You have the Rajgir Mahotsav, which is celebrated in the month of October, where you can see some classical performances with dance and music!

Popular things to do in Rajgir

It is always important to check in some of the popular things you can do during your stay in Rajgir. There are some places which you must visit if you don’t want this trip to remain incomplete.

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  • Swarn Bhandar: Here, you will enjoy the beauty of ancient artificial caves with the carvings inside.
  • Pandu Pokhar: Want to have some camping fun with kids around? If so, then this place is super fun for all ages.
  • Venu Van: It is one of the popular sites in all of Rajgir, where you will see a monastery built by Buddha!
  • Ajatshatru Fort: If you like history and want to explore the beauty of ancient times, then a trip to this fort is a must!
  • Viswa Shanti Stupa: If you are looking for a peace pagoda with a mountain view in the background, this pace needs to be in your itinerary.
  • Maniyar Math: A simple and beautiful garden space with some ancient monuments in the middle will make this trip worth remembering.

Where to Eat - Gargee Gautam Vihar Resort

Where do you want to eat during your stay in Rajgir? You have booked Rajgir hotel low price at Gargee Gautam Vihar Resort, and now you can have food over here only.

  • Want to enjoy some multi-cuisine to tingle your taste bud? If so, then visit Godhum, where you will get a wide range of options to try out! You can try new dishes every day over here.

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  • At the end of the meal, if you are craving something sweet, then Gargee Gautam Vihar Resort has its own Bakery to give out a try. The in-house bakery will have cakes, pastries, cupcakes and more, to soothe out your sweet cravings!


When you are in Rajgir, you seriously want to make some memories back with you. And what better way to store memories rather than shopping from the source area! So, let’s focus on some of the shopping areas, where you can get quality items within reasonable ranges.

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  • Manalisha Shopping center
  • Sudha center
  • Bari Milki Rajgir
  • Mahavir Handicrafts, and more

Side trips

When you are in Rajgir, other than visiting the main city, there are some side areas that should be incorporated into the list. Try to visit Nalanda for a day and enjoy the beauty this place near the mountains has in store for you. You can even book a day trip to Bihar Sharif and enjoy what that spot has in store for you.

Nature in Rajgir

Mountains and animals are two of the main components which you will find in Rajgir. Once you take a trip over here, you won’t look anywhere else. To enjoy nature at its best, visit:

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  • Zoo Safari
  • Nature Safari Park
  • Entrance Nature Safari
  • Entrance Nature Safari

Historic Sites

Rajgir is known for its historic values because it is one of the ancient cities in Bihar to visit. Some of the spots you must visit are:

  • Swarn Bhandar
  • Ajatshatru's Fort
  • Rajgir Hotspring
  • Ratnagiri
  • Bimbisar's Treasury
  • Ajatshatru Gadh Kshetra, and more

Where to stay- Gargee Gautam Vihar Resort

It is true that you have been eyeing for Best Rajgir Resorts to enjoy a comfortable stay. Well, you need not have to worry about that anymore when you have Gargee Gautam Vihar Resort by your side. For a comfortable stay here, you have various kinds of rooms at your service. Some of those are Premium Deluxe, Family Suite, Cottage, and Royal Suite. Depending on the size of the group, you can choose any room you want!

So, what are you waiting for? For a trip to remember forever, book your train or flight tickets to Rajgir now! This trip is going to be an everlasting one in your memories now!