Rajgir - A Wonderful Locale For Serenity

Known as the capital of the Magadh empire or hosting the first set of power, Rajgir or Rajgrih (abode of Kings) is where the powerful Mauryan Emperors hosted their political meets and greets. Historically speaking, Rajgir was stated to be the favourite place for spiritual leaders like Gautam Buddha and Lord Mahavira. That explains the Vishwa Shanti Stupa (World Peace Pagoda), located in this wonderful city!


Get to learn more about Rajgir:

Rajgir is targeted as a powerful pilgrimage area for people of both Buddhist and Jain faiths. Right from Bimbisar to Ajatshatru, Bheema to even Jarasandh, when you think of Rajgir, you think of a link created between them.

  • Rajgir is currently surrounded by the 7 hills, which used to serve as the capital of the Magadh Empire. It was in power from Mahabharata to 5th Century BC.
  • It is that place where Gautam Buddha spent his summer times meditating under Vulture Peak.
  • You can even see the First Buddhist Council, which was hosted under Maha Kassapa in this area.
  • Even Lord Mahavira spent his 14 years of life in Rajgir. The area where he gained nirvana is not far from this location.


Rajgir used to be a major tourist attraction spot for many decades, but things took changed during those lawless times of Lalu-Rabri rule. It was almost abandoned by the tourists as the hills were taken by the gangs of Naxals and bandits. So, the places were out of the limit for regular tourists to come and visit. But, things took a drastic turn with the change in government, and now, Rajgir has retained its old beauty.
You have so many MAJOR ATTRACTIONS - AJATSHATRU FORT, JARASANDH KA AKHARA, SHANTI STUPA,to check into. Each place is known for its amazing beauty, which is hard to get from anywhere else.
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Once you have settled in one of the best Resorts in Rajgirit is time to explore the tourist attraction spots more.

  • AJATSHATRU FORT =Dated back thousands of years, this fort is believed to be crafted after the namesake of Emperor Ajatshatru. It was created during the time of Buddha, and it is a great spot among historians and scholars from around the world.
  • JARASANDH KA AKHARA= As per the tales from Mahabharata, Rajgir is the place where Bhima fought Jarasandha and ripped apart his body into two before throwing them into opposite directions prevent re-joining. That place is honoured over here. If you want to take a trip over here, ask for help from Rajgir hotels and Resorts, like Gargee Gautam Vihar Resort. They will book a cab for you to take you to your destination!

SHANTI STUPA: = Mostly known as the Vishwa Shanti Stupa, it is a large white stupa located near the Gitai Mandir. Here, you can find statues of Lord Buddha sculptured in 4 different directions. It even has a smaller Japanese Buddhist temple with a large park.

These are a few of the major famous spots that Rajgir has in store for you. When you are done taking a trip to these places, you can visit some other significant spots like Indasala Cave, Hot springs, Champanagar, Bimbisarads Jail, and so much more.

Vishwa Shanti Stupa

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Beautifully structured city!

Just when you enter the city, you will be surrounded by its historical importance. There will be a great stone cyclopean wall,which was made over 3000 years ago, which is still standing tall and proud.

  • Moreover, you can gaze through the amazing stone structures andmonuments of Rajgir,which will help you to revive the long-gone era related to the victorious rule of the Magadh Empire.
  • You will get to the remains of the Ajatshatru fort and also find out more about the Jeevakameavan garden.
This place is neck-deep into tales and legends, which helped in shaping up the successful country that India is now. So, if you are looking for a historical trip, which will bring more passion within, then book your tickets for Rajgir now!

great stone cyclopean wall