Why Gargee Gautam Vihar Is The Best Place To Host Your Post Pandemic Wedding

There is no doubt that fairytale weddings are best accomplished in the abode of God. The 3000-year old city is far-off from the hustle and bustle of the city and situated at about 100 km towards the southeast of Patna. That is why you must be Gargee Gautam Vihar Resort, Rajgir where everything goes right when planning a post-pandemic wedding.

Gargee Gautam Vihar Resort is the best resort in Rajgir to host weddings:

A 4-star property that accentuates the experience of visitors to host beautiful weddings, when at Gargee Gautam Vihar Resort in Rajgir, you can hardly ask for anything more. The facility reflects the conventions of hospitality in Bihar and offers an upbeat experience to the visitors.

It is one of the most lavish resorts located in Rajgir and is just about 2.5 km from Nalanda University, the ancient educational center. Furthermore, it is at a stone’s throw away from the railway station, which lessens the difficulties of the guests arriving to attend a grand wedding at this facility.

  • The staff of the hotel makes the visitors with their benevolent and courteous behavior.
  • The blissful location of the hotel away from the madding crowd of the city makes it a serene destination to host the wedding peacefully.
  • The warm hospitality and the bountiful services make the guests feel at home.
  • The facility is only a kilometer away from the main market of Rajgir and offers an excellent opportunity for the guests to pick the last-minute goods with ease.
  • Steeped in the culture of India, the hotel has a distinct charm of its own.
  • The imposing and grand structure of this hotel and resort makes it an ideal place o host wedding ceremonies in the manner you want.


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Banquet halls for wedding: Boasting of courteous staff and beautiful lawn

Standing with brilliance at the heart of Rajgir, Gargee Gautam Vihar Resort epitomizes a fairy-tale feeling with sprawling and well-manicured gardens to collaborate the wedding occasion. Undoubtedly, the idyllic settings of the resort make it near-perfect for conducting royal weddings in style. Here are the banquet halls to grace your wedding occasion.

  • Ghazal presents a stunning banquet lawn much like its name and makes it a cherished location to host a wedding.
  • Cottage Lawn is another distinctive venue of the magnificent resort that encompasses sophistication with its beautiful décor, making it suitable for wedding occasions.
  • Gandhalu Banquet Hall is a beautiful and opulent place to host events prior to and post-wedding day.
  • To make the evening of reception grand yet elegant, the guests are sure to feel special and well-treated in the stunning banquet lawn, Gagan located at this hotel.
  • Garima is an indoor banquet hall to grace small occasions, such as wedding anniversaries.

So, Gargee Gautam Vihar Resort, Rajgir has treated to all things wedding and is the perfect place to host a wedding with much pomp and valor. It is unmatched among the wedding destinations in India due to its beautiful adornments, plush interiors, swimming pool, verdant gardens, and rambling surroundings. If you are keen to design menus that match the abundance and the copious nature of Indian weddings, selecting this lavish destination is the best way to grace the occasion. The staff at the banquets is flexible and open to cater to the guests.

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Location of Gargee Gautam Vihar Resort:

The location is one of the key reasons why people choose this facility for destination weddings. While the city has to its credit the ancient and rich history, Rajgir or the royal house translates the wedding to a spectacular occasion when you decide to put up in Gargee Gautam Vihar Resort.

  • The location of this hotel and its proximity to the railway station makes it an ideal and the most accessible place to be for the guests during the wedding.
  • With no time wasted to bring the guests to the resort from the railway station, it is one of the bounteous facilities to be in for weddings.

facade of Gautam Vihar Resort Rajgir

Fully vaccinated staff: safety at every step

With every hotel facility taking a hit of the global pandemic, Gargee Gautam Vihar Resort at Rajgir is one of those places where the entire staff of is vaccinated. So, if you have been postponing your wedding plans all this while and searching for a safe place to host the wedding, this hotel follows effective sanitization measures and has staff that is protected against infections.

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4-star property: best place to stay

From an eminent seat of power for the ancient kingdom of Magadha to the best resort to host weddings, Gargee Gautam Vihar Resort is an astonishing ad eye-catching venue to meet the requirements of customers.

  • The 4-star property is inclusive of rooms, such as Premium Deluxe, Cottage, Family Suite, and Royal Suite to provide the finest blend of the five-star-like facility is and the comfort of a royal stay.
  • With a dazzling combination of a swimming pool, fitness center, and sports center, Gargee Gautam Vihar Resort serves all those clients who cannot compromise their fitness schedules even in the midst of a wedding.
  • The travel desk assists the clients to accomplish their aim of sightseeing in this remarkable city.
  • The kids may enjoy the play area that is specially designed keeping in mind their needs.
  • The facility is inclusive of a multi-cuisine restaurant, Godhum, and offers a wide range of palatable and sumptuous dishes and a bakery where the guests can treat themselves with heavenly and delightful baked products.
  • To recharge the senses, the visitors can immerse in the most adorable at the Goral, the spa in this facility and recharge their senses.
  • The rooms have a Wi-Fi facility 24x7 with complimentary breakfast and evening drinks.
  • The facility boasts of appealing gardens and lip-smacking barbecue to meet the requirements of the guests.

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Be here for the destination wedding:

Gargee Gautam Vihar Resort at Rajgir with its sprawling structure and the appealing setting amidst nature is just what guests may need to grace their wedding occasions. It is an ideal venue for hosting a regal wedding with the staff taking care of every detail to transform the bog day into a memorable experience for the guests and the family.