Make Your Business Trip Worthwhile With Gargee Grand Patna

Businesses can take a turn towards betterment when there is a proficiently crafted meeting for everyone to attend. Hosting an event somewhere else with amazing scenic beauty will not just add more meaning to official meets but will provide employees and invitees with a change of mind. That’s the reason behind the growing importance of official trips these days.

No need to travel abroad for your official meetings now. Invite your employees and clients over to Gargee Grand Patna, where you have the best official stay possible. Get the high-end possibility to organise conferences, meetings and events through us by giving a call at +91 61 2250 0535 or +91 97 7147 1000, and book business rooms now!

Perfect spot for bigger and smaller meet-ups:

Whether you are planning to host a small conference with a few of your special invitees or want to organise a big party for your new product launch, the sprawling acres of land will make Gargee Grand Patna your best choice.
If you want to host the event indoors, then the well-equipped banquet halls can do the tricks. The hall rooms are well-equipped with modern AV equipment, like sound systems, projectors and more. Furthermore, the centralised AC rooms will make the meeting pretty comfortable to address. So, whether you are planning to invite around 150 employees for a grand official party, or a small group of 25 guests, Gargee Grand Patna has conference halls for all.

Perfect spot for bigger and smaller meet-ups

The best located destination in patna:

Located near Gandhi Maidan on Plot Number 825, this hotel is a great spot for all your any form of official meet-ups. Once you have checked out the banquets on your own and got feedback from previous clients, you won’t feel like looking for another venue for your upcoming event. So, make your booking right away if you don’t want to miss out on the dates.

Perfect rooms to stay in:

Some official meetings will take days, if not weeks, to cover. That’s when you need your clients and employees to take a rest after the end of a long day at meetings. The team from Gargee Grand in Patna is all set with special rooms for your guests, with all kinds of full-on amenities.

  • The clean, hygienic and spacious rooms will have all the necessary amenities to make your stay comfortable.
  • The efficient staff members will always be up to clean your room and keep it in perfect condition regularly.
  • Your clients and employees will receive complimentary breakfast to help kick start their day with a full belly.
  • There are mainly 4 different types of hotel rooms, perfect for matching all customer requirements. Those are Club Deluxe, Premium Deluxe, Club Suite and Premium Suite.

Choose the right Hotel for your next business trip

Want to book a premium luxury hotel for your conference or event party? Well, Gargee Grand in Patna is the one for you. Now you must be wondering why. Let’s get right into details.

  • It is going to be a perfect blend of comfort and style, with your ultimate experience in hospitality.
  • Moreover, with just a phone call from your allotted room, you can book multiple 5-star amenities from this source point.
  • Whether you are planning to hold your simple conference party or a mega grand product launch, you will get some of the best party venues from this source.
  • The banquet halls are really spacious. There you have multi sitting arrangements. So, if you have invited a large group of people, then these banquet spaces will cover it all.
  • Not just for party moods, but if you are eyeing to host serious business meetings or some other social gatherings, you can do that through this hotel. We have special well-equipped meetings rooms and a business centre for that. It helps this moment to remain memorable forever.
  • This is the best 4-star property in all over Patna with nothing but 5-star facilities, addressed to match your flexible needs.
  • You want your guests to live comfortably while they are here attending your meeting for few days. Well, look no further as Gargee Grand offers spacious AC rooms for your most comfortable stay.
  • Want to go for a swim during your free spare time? Well, you can fulfil that dream of yours as well with the help of a spacious outdoor swimming pool.
  • Not only that, but the swimming pool has a fitness centre right beside it. So, if you want to do lift up weights or do some squats before starting your day, you can do so with ease.
  • There are 3 different dining options available for you. Each one has a plethora of food and beverages to choose from, especially if you have specific taste buds. You will surely find something that your attendees will love!

Having the best banquet halls to Host any types of event:

Once you start your research, you will be bombarded with multiple banquet hall options to fathom. Well, let’s just check in with the available options and their selective features before you can finalise the best choice to make.


It is noted to be one of the best banquet halls all over Patna and can easily accommodate around 150 guests. Here, the hall room is well-equipped with modern amenities like the latest AV equipment, Wi-Fi, projector, and so much more. The entire banquet hall is centralised with AC services, which will make it comfortable for every season. As it has a whopping floor space of 1600 square feet, you can use this hall for hosting events, larger product launches, exhibitions and what not!

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Buffet counter in Ganga Banquet Hall in Patna

If you have a maximum guest list consisting of 125 people, then Ganga is the best option to watch out for. It is a great find for both formal and informal occasions. Even here, you will receive all the modern amenities in this AC-centred room. It has a floor space of 1400 square feet, which is enough to host a grand affair.


Here, the people capacity will be the same as 125 guests, much like the Ganga banquet hall. You can design the seating arrangement in any way you want, and some of those are theatre, floating crowd, U shaped, cluster and in classroom structure. As you will have all the possible latest amenities, you don’t have to look for other products from anywhere else.

Interior of Gautam banquet hall in Patna


Interior of Gaur Banquet Hall in Patna

This is one of the smallest banquet halls in Gargee Grand and can host a total capacity of 80 guests. The other modern amenities remain the same, but the floor size will differ at 950 square feet. This is a perfect area for hosting conference exhibitions, engagements and more.


Do you have to hold a conference meeting with some of your biggest clients? If so, then waste no time and book our Ghost banquet hall. It can accommodate 25 guests smoothly and has all the modern equipment to make this conference or business presentation a huge success. Located at 300 square feet, it is a great room for holding top-notch business meetings.

Interior of Gosthi Banquet Hall in Patna

With Gargee Grand, you will enjoy ultimate hospitality at its best. The employees over here are all fully vaccinated, so you don’t have to worry about getting infected. These people are known for their warm, welcoming nature, which will help you to enjoy the official meet and greet lavishly and in the traditional style. There are multiple hotel amenities waiting for you to grab right now.