Gargee Surya Vihar – Calling Out For Your Top-Notch Business Meet In Aurangabad

Located on the National Highly 139, Gargee Surya Vihar is going to be a perfect mix of modern facilities and old culture. So, you will be getting the best of both worlds.

If you are willing to host your event or business meeting in a pristine location with all the amenities by your side, then this option is the one for you. It is one premium property, followed by best in-class facilities. Now, you can celebrate the joy of your new launch meeting or organise any official event in the most exotic location and venue possible.

Gargee Surya Vihar is the best 4-star rated property, where you can host all kinds of business meets and conferences. The great view of the location is what helps the employees to relax in between the meetings. There are various tourist hotspots located nearby. So, if you want to take few days off your business meet and visit the nearby spots, the hotel will be able to arrange the same for you.

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All-in-one facilities at your service:

Are you looking for a luxurious hotel with restaurants within the campus serving some lip-smacking foods? Looking for a place with great event and meeting facilities? If the answers are yes, you have come to the right spot. Gargee Surya Vihar is here with AC rooms, noted for your ultimate comfort at your fingertips. Moreover, each room comes with free Wi-Fi connectivity. So, if you want to stay connected with the outside world from the comfort of your hotel room, you now have the chance to do so

If that’s not all, you will receive 24 x 7 room service to make your stay happening. It is one great choice for any celebration, whether formal corporate meet and greets or even conferences. Moreover, it has enough lawn space to host exhibitions or events, incentives and more.;
So, next time you are out on the venture to enjoy great hospitality, Gargee Surya Vihar is the one on your list and right at the top

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Fully vaccinated hotel staff for you:

Post-pandemic, this hotel has been really careful with the safety of the guests and their own employees. So, Gargee Surya Vihar made it a point to appoint fully vaccinated employees to move their business forward. Everyone has two doses and is protected from Coronavirus. we are Best Hotels in Aurangabad So, you will stay completely protected when you are in between them.

  • While entering the hotel or booking a reservation, you need to show your certificate of COVID vaccine. You need to have two doses under your name to get a registration. Once you have that by your side, you can book the venue for your upcoming grand wedding.
  • The hotel follows all the government norms to keep the area safe and COVID-free. Every employee will be seen wearing a mask around, and every guest will get properly sanitised.
  • Even the rooms and other common areas like banquet halls, hotel lobbies, restaurants, spa areas and gym spots, every spot of the hotel will get sanitisation spray daily to help maintain safety.

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Amenities and facilities by your side:

Not just the safety measures, but you will be pleasantly surprised with the amenities and facilities coming your way. Listed below are some of the golden facilities waiting for you to grab!

fitness centre at Gargee Surya Vihar hotels & resorts in Aurangabad

Fitness centre:

Want to maintain your toned figure while you are out on a business meet? If so, then the fitness centre is always open for you. So, you will not just be a part of the business meeting or exhibition but get to manage your healthy body too.

Travel desk:

Some business trips take more than few days to conclude. So, in between the business meets, you can plan for a tour plan for your guests to help them refresh their minds and also get to know about Aurangabad a little more. Well, want to know more about this city and what it has to offer? Visit the travel desk for complete details. In case you are wondering about that next destination to travel to, Gargee Surya Vihar is here to guide you.

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Exterior View of Gargee Surya Vihar Hotels Resorts 1

Kids’ play area

Sometimes, when you are a single parent and need to attend business meet in another city, you might have to bring your child with you. They get super bored very fast! It becomes really difficult to handle them. So, if you have to keep up with them, then you are surely going to miss out important business meets. Well, not to worry, as Gargee Surya Vihar has special kids’ play areas for you. Here, you can let your kids have fun while you spend some time with your clients.

Sports court:

The sports court forms a significant part of Gargee Surya Vihar. This hotel has separate sports courts, which are dedicated to all sports fanatics and athletes. If you want to enjoy the beauty of sportsmanship with your colleague, then get ready to head to this hotel now! It is open 24 x 7 for you!

sports court at gargee Surya Vihar hotels and resorts in Aurangabad
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Perfect for your launching programs:

You might have some ideas in your mind when it comes to your launching party! This is a big event and will take your business up to some heights. So, you want a perfet destination to host the launch party. Gargee Surya Vihar is here to make all your dreams come true with the two capacious party halls all over Aurangabad.

Here, you will enjoy picturesque settings, which will help you to cherish the moment forever. Then you can get help from a professional team, ready to help you plan and execute all forms of corporate and social events.

Indoor and outdoor locations available:

Some people don’t want to host their major events within four walls. They want open space for grandeur set-up, especially with the huge guest list. Well, nothing to worry about, as the team from Gargee Surya Vihar provides you with both indoor and outdoor locations to choose from. Based on your number of invitees and the type of wedding features you want, you will get quality help from this source.

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Conference Hall at Gargee Surya Vihar Hotels and Resorts


“I was looking for a grandeur set-up for my business’s new launch program and that’s when I came across Gargee Surya Vihar. This place is just amazing with great amenities.”

Rahul Singhania

“It is not hard to stay that my business meet in Gargee Surya Vihar really impressed my clients and they have extended their hands to work with me. So, thanks to the entire team of Gargee Surya Vihar to make is a successful meet. And its Best Hotels in Aurangabad Bihar

Preeti Jain