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One of the ancient cities of India, Patna spans across the banks of the River Ganges in Bihar. The city is resplendent with museums, some of the most memorable and contemporary landmarks, and various other sightseeing locations overlooking the city.


The 3000-year old city is far-off from the hustle and bustle of the city and situated at about 100 km towards the southeast of Patna. That is why you must be Gargee Gautam Vihar Resort, Rajgir where everything goes right when planning a post-pandemic wedding.


For some, traveling is a passion and for others, it may be a usual business. The city of Patna and Aurangabad in Bihar lulls tourists from all over India. Therefore, the weekend getaways from Patna and Aurangabad can fill up the spirits of those tourists.


Organizing a business or a corporate event requires a great deal of planning. Although there are various aspects to consider, the venue is the most important thing. Undoubtedly, the venue itself can make or mar the business event.


A paradisiacal venue changes the face of a wedding no matter how elaborate the occasion is and how versatile the planning may be. When it comes to creating an exotic wedding experience, you have to prepare for financial and emotional investment.

Perfect spot for bigger and smaller meet-ups

Businesses can take a turn towards betterment when there is a proficiently crafted meeting for everyone to attend. Hosting an event somewhere else with amazing scenic beauty will not just add more meaning to official meets but will provide employees and invitees with a change of mind.

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Located on the National Highly 139, Gargee Surya Vihar is going to be a perfect mix of modern facilities and old culture. So, you will be getting the best of both worlds.

Upcoming Business Meetings

With pandemics surrounding your daily life, finding a suitable place for hosting employee-suitable business events and meetings can be a tough call. Getting infected by people has now been a major point of consideration.


Are you all ready to tie the knot with your dream man? You have always wanted a fairy-tale wedding, and now, it’s happening! Multiple posh and wide-spreading hotels are here to help you organise customizable lawn weddings, which will accommodate a maximum number of people to attend your memorable wedding.


Known as the capital of the Magadh empire or hosting the first set of power, Rajgir or Rajgrih (abode of Kings) is where the powerful Mauryan Emperors hosted their political meets and greets.

restaurant with authentic fine-dining experiences in Patna

With Diwali around the corner, you want to make this day special for your beloved and unforgettable at the same time. A good dining experience will ensure this day to be of top-class! So, you have been trying hard to get hands-on the best restaurant with authentic fine-dining experiences in Patna,

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With Christmas just around the corner, followed by New Year, you are super pumped up to host the best holiday party ever! It will be a major event, and you will invite all your friends to have a blast.

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Whether you are planning for a wedding event or a conference meet, your guests will be travelling from long distances to be a part of your meet and greet. Therefore, providing them with good food is always the prime aspect to consider.


Every Indian state and culture has its own beautiful rituals and traditions to follow when it comes to weddings. Much like a Bengali or Punjabi wedding, the rustic and raw beauty of a Bihari wedding is hard to miss out on

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Every kid has one big dream, and that is a massive birthday celebration! Whether your little one has reached just 5 years of age, or you are celebrating your daughter’s sweet 16th birthday, you want to make this day special and memorable for them.

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Everyone is busy in his or her life and hardly has time to ask others how they are doing. But without a strong family bond, you will hardly have any memories left.

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Rajgir is stated to be one ancient city in the northeastern part of Bihar, and this place is known for holding rich historical evidence. This place is perfectly surrounded by hills all over and known mostly for its holy sites.